Admissions to Year 7 Sept 2017

Parents/Carers are not required to complete any additional forms for entry into Year 7 (September 2017).  Applications are to be made via your own Local Authority.  The deadline for returning your Common Application Form (CAF) to your Local Authority was 31st October 2016.

If you have missed this deadline, please contact the School Admissions Department at the Local Authority in which you reside.

Offers for a Year 7 September 2017 entry will go out on 1st March. If, on that date, you are not successful in securing a place for your child, you can do two things:

  1. Request to go on the waiting list for Ashton on Mersey School

Requests to go onto the waiting list must be made directly to Trafford School Admissions not directly to the school.

The waiting list is held in strict accordance with our Admissions Policy, until the end of the academic year.

  1. You may also choose to appeal against the decision not to allocate your child a place.

If you are choosing to appeal against the decision, please complete the appeals form by pdf iconclicking here  Microsoft Word Document  to download and once completed return to or if you do not have access to email you can request a paper copy by telephone on 0161 972 2970.

Appeal hearings for a place in Year 7 for September 2017 will take place Tuesday 2nd May until Friday 5th May.  Please note that the school’s presenting officer will present the school’s case to parents/carers and the independent panel on the evening of Thursday 27th April 2017.

Any appeals requests received after Wednesday 29th March 2017 will be heard at a later date.

Timetable of events for Admission to Year 7 September 2017

Date Details
1st March Offers of a place go out
29th March Completed Appeals form to be returned to school by this date
Any day prior to  18th April Ashton on Mersey will post out the time, date and venue of your Individual Appeal Hearing
27th April 7p.m. @ Ashton on Mersey School Mrs Mottram, Presenting Officer representing Ashton on Mersey School Governors will be addressing ALL parents with the school’s case against admitting any more pupils to Ashton on Mersey School.  Parents and Appeal Panel members will be able to question Mrs Mottram regarding the school’s Admission Policy and any information she provides.
Week of 2nd – 5th  May @ Ashton on Mersey School Individual appeal hearings during which each parent/carer presents their case to the independent panel

Decision letters, within five school days of the hearing wherever possible OR where multiple days are required within five school days of the last hearing where