Behaviour Policy

The Local Governing Body of the WTLP believes that in order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, outstanding behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary.

It seeks to create a caring, learning environment in the school by:

  • upholding the school mission statement
  • promoting outstanding behaviour and discipline amongst the whole school community
  • promoting self-esteem, self-discipline, proper regard for authority and positive relationships based on mutual respect
  • ensuring fairness of treatment for all
  • encouraging consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviour
  • promoting early intervention
  • providing a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment
  • encouraging a positive relationship with parents and carers to develop a shared approach to involve them in the implementation of the school’s policy and associated procedures
  • encouraging staff to seek opportunities to praise all pupils in their care

The aim of the behaviour policy is to ensure that the school offers a happy and caring environment in which all children have the opportunity to achieve the very highest standards. A calm school, in which children are behaving well and showing respect and consideration for others will provide the right atmosphere for high levels of achievement.

Parent / Carer Handbook
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