Careers Education

Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance is a part of every student’s entitlement and here at Ashton on Mersey School, we are committed to using a variety of learning experiences to help young people manage the key decision points in their lives. The education they receive prepares them to make informed decisions about the next learning or employment stage for them.

Our careers programme has five strands.

Careers encounters

Career encounters inform pupils about their future Post-16. They are provided by external agencies representing the full range of options.  These will be either assembly style or through drop down experiences. Pupils will receive encounters in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 with:

  • T level provider
  • A level provider (external to the Ashton on Mersey Sixth Form)
  • Degree provider
  • Apprenticeship and degree level apprenticeship provider
  • 2 employment experiences

Careers Education

CIAEG is fully integrated into the Personal Development curriculum. This is constructed through a spiralised curriculum that develops on key learning in each year.

Within each year, each pupil will have one term of CIAEG education suitably tied to the experiences and knowledge that young people need as at that moment in their academic career.

The units are:

  • Year 7 – How do I make my future a success?
  • Year 8 – How do my choices impact my well-being?
  • Year 9 – How do my choices make a successful future?
  • Year 10 – Am I ready for 9-5?
  • Year 11 – What’s next?

All pupils have access to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) as part of the formal curriculum. Subjects will link their content to the current job market and this allows them to explore individual career options and to develop the core skills needed for employment.

Careers Advisor

Pupils will get the opportunity to meet with Ms Haworth, the Careers Adviser at key decision points in their school life, and at other times if they are in particular need of support. At this time, they can talk about their ideas for the future, explore the range of options after they leave school and plan the steps to achieve their end goal. All pupils can expect advice and guidance that is personalised, comprehensive and impartial.

Careers Experience

Work experience is an important part of a young person’s education, especially in preparing them for the world of work.  The outcomes they gain from doing your work experience placement are:

  • Learn skills relevant to the workplace
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of roles/employers
  • Increase in confidence
  • Develop in maturity
  • Obtain a sense of responsibility

Here at Ashton on Mersey School, Year 10 pupils and Year 13 students undertake a week’s work experience in July. While on work experience they will not only be able to try out the job, but also find out what qualifications and skills they need in order to be able to do it.

Careers Opportunities

We also provide a range of career experiences that help build a unique picture of the job market for young people. This can include:

  • Career focused trips in both KS3 and KS4
  • Participation in online careers activities for pupils and their parents
  • Celebration of national events such as national careers week and national apprenticeship week through form time activities
  • The Year 9 pathways and options process
  • The Year 9 careers fair
  • Year 11 transition activities
  • Year 11 Sixth Form taster sessions

Provider Access Policy

The Providers Access Legislation came into place in January 2023.  At Ashton on Mersey, we have an open policy. Providers will be invited to attend our careers events and engage in our careers programme overall – to meet with students directly and advise on their pathways options.  We will also enable encounters to take place during the school day with a range of Higher Education, Further Education, Sixth Form and Apprenticeship and Training Providers.  Providers can contact the careers team directly.

If you are an education, training or apprenticeship provider and would like to support our careers programme events please contact Mr Spencer who will be able to help you.

Employers – How can you help

It is important that pupils have access to the world of work and with your help we can make that happen. We want pupils in all year groups to understand the world of work through employer engagement so that all our young people will successfully transition out of secondary school life ready, equipped for work and life-long learning. As an employer you can play a significant part in helping us achieve our goal by:

  • Supporting work experience places
  • Provide careers talks
  • Pupil mentoring
  • Offering a workplace visit
  • Providing resources/sponsorship
  • Participating in our careers fair

If you are an employer and would like to support our careers programme events please contact Mr Spencer who will be able to help you.

Careers Leader

Careers Lead: Ms J. Haworth
Phone: 0161 973 1179
Email: for the attention of Ms J. Haworth

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