As an 11 – 18 Academy, Ashton on Mersey School has overall responsibility for its own Admissions, working within the School Admissions Code of Practice.

Further details and to submit an in-year transfer request please visit

Please click here for advice for parents and carers on school admission appeals from the DfE.

Appeals Process Year 7 Intake September 2024

If your child has been unsuccessful in achieving a place at Ashton on Mersey School you have the right to appeal against this decision.

Please see the table below for relevant dates/information.



Friday 1st March
Secondary school places are offered by your Local Authority
Friday 15th March
Deadline to submit your intention to appeal for a place at Ashton on Mersey School.
Friday 5th April
Deadline to return your completed Appeal form to be completed.
By Friday 26th April
Ashton on Mersey will post out letters confirming the time, date and venue of your Individual Appeal Hearing.
Thursday 16th May 6 p.m. @ Ashton on Mersey School
Mrs Mottram, Presenting Officer representing Ashton on Mersey School Governors will be addressing ALL parents with the school’s case against admitting any more pupils to Ashton on Mersey School. Parents and Appeal Panel members will be able to question Mrs Mottram regarding the School’s Admission Policy, and any information she provides.
Week of 20th May @ Ashton on Mersey School
Individual Appeals Hearings by appointment where parents and their representatives (if desired) present their case for consideration by the panel.
By Friday 7th June
By Friday 7th June Parents will be informed of the Panel’s decision in writing.

In-Year Transfers

Parents of children who are already of secondary school age and wish to transfer to Ashton on Mersey School must apply directly to Portal Home (

Please note this application form is for in year transfer admission for Years 7 to 11 only.  For applications to the Sixth Form, please contact Mrs G. Fox, Sixth Form Manager on 973 1179 *2601.

Please read and familiarise yourself with the following information before making your application:

  • Ashton on Mersey School is currently full in all year groups and oversubscribed (i.e. there is a waiting list of applicants for each year group).
  • Make sure you provide all the information requested on the form and that this information is factually correct. Any offer made will be withdrawn if it is found that parents or carers have given false information.
  • Applications for an in-year transfer will normally be processed within 10 school days of receipt.
  • The school will consider applications in strict accordance with the relevant published admissions policy.
  • Waiting lists are ranked in accordance with our published over subscription criteria (details of which can be found in our admissions policy).
  • Where no place is available, you will be notified of this in writing and your child’s name will be added to the waiting list for the relevant year group (that is, the one which corresponds to their date of birth, at the time of your application).
  • Where a vacancy is available, and your child’s name is first on the waiting list for the relevant year group, you will be contacted by letter (to your home address) offering your child a place.

For many years Ashton on Mersey School has been oversubscribed meaning that places for in-year transfers are very limited indeed. Where a place is available, a written offer will be made to include arrangements for admission to the school. Allocated places must be taken up by the date specified in the offer letter.

All unsuccessful applicants will have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel in accordance with Education Act 1993.

Once you have read the above information, and are satisfied with our Admissions Policy, please submit your in-year transfer via Trafford School Admissions Portal Home (

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