Year 8 Homework

Reading Book
The importance of personal and independent reading is essential in developing the literacy skills of our pupils.
Where reading is timetabled pupils should do 30 minutes reading from a book of their choice from home or the school library.
There is a weekly reading record in pupils planners that must be signed by parents.

Homework (see next page for timetable)
Maths will be set twice a week; one of these will be a Moodle homework.
English will be set once a week and there will be three 30 minute reading sessions.
Science, Technology, Humanities, Spanish or French will be set once a week.
RE, ICT, Art, Drama, Music will be set once every two weeks.
Drama, Music, RE and Art are taught in form groups, therefore will be set on the day they have the lesson.
Reading should take place three times a week for a minimum of 30minutes. Parents must sign pupils reading records in their planners

View and download pdf iconYear 8 Homework Timetable here.