Year 13 Results Day – 15th August, 8.30-9.30 / Year 11 Results Day –  22nd August, 10.00-12.00 – Sixth Form Building

Newsletter 21st June

Headteacher Message

Mr. McConaghie

Year 11 left school officially on Monday and the Leavers’ Assembly was an event to remember with pupils enjoying the time of reflection and celebration. The Prom is next Thursday and pupils and staff are excited to have the opportunity to party together before results day in August.

With regards to Years 7-10, I would like to thank you for your support with our increased focus on uniform and appearance this week. Pupils have responded very positively. There are two further areas which I would like to address next week.

Whilst the majority of pupils arrive on time and ‘ready to learn’, there is a small minority who are not punctual to form time. Form time is an essential part of the day, where pupils hear important messages and take part in activities that support their wider wellbeing and personal development. Registration starts at 8.40am and to ensure a swift start to the day, we encourage all pupils to be on site from 8.35am. The main gate closes at 8.40am and pupils who are late, without a valid reason, will be required to attend a detention. There can be no flexibility here unless we receive a clear communication from parents or carers.

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