Year 13 Results Day – 15th August, 8.30-9.30 / Year 11 Results Day –  22nd August, 10.00-12.00 – Sixth Form Building


At a glance

Awarding Board: AQA
Entry Requirements: Six GCSE grades 9-4 including English Language and Mathematics
Subject Specific: GCSE Spanish grade 6


One 1 hour 30 minute, one 2 hour examinations and an oral examination at the end of Year 13
Paper 1 Listening, reading and writing (50%)
Paper 2 Writing (20%)
Paper 3 Oral Examintaion (30%)

Why choose A Level Spanish?

If you are interested in learning about different cultures and travelling around the world, A Level Spanish is definitely worth considering. The course will bring you cultural, academic and career benefits. Completing A Level Spanish will enable you to communicate with 500 million other Spanish speakers worldwide, and it will increase your potential to forge a career in Spain, Latin America and other countries across the globe. It is the ideal preparation for a university degree, or to improve career prospects.

What will you study?

The course will build upon the language skills gained at GCSE level. A Level Spanish enables you to study at a deeper level, further developing your skills. You will develop a much greater awareness and understanding of the society, cultural background and heritage of multiple countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

The aim is to gain an understanding of how to use the language in a variety of situations and contexts and you can expect to achieve much greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in the language.

How will you study?

The course will enable you to develop your linguistic skills alongside your appreciation of the culture and society of Hispanic countries, by building upon the knowledge you acquired and honed as part of your GCSE course.

You will study social and technological change alongside aspects of Spanish-speaking artistic culture, including Spanish music and cinema. You will also explore social issues in Hispanic societies.

Where will it take me?

Studying an A Level Spanish could lead you to a range of careers: Tourism, Translation, Interpreting, Journalism, Business, Management, Education, and Media.

However, it is important to remember that no matter what you are considering as your career path now, an A Level in a language will improve your employability in every sector and will make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.


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